Video Conferencing

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FREE Remote Teacher Training Webinars demonstrating how to adapt teaching practices and curriculum to a live video chat classroom led by Outschool’s experienced teachers who have transitioned from in-person to online teaching.

The dropdown menus below contain helpful links to videos, tutorials, and other resources for Zoom Video Conferencing.

Getting Started

  1. Register/Sign-up - It's FREE:

*With the free subscription you can host up to 100 participants and hold an unlimited number of meetings. You can also receive Online Support, if needed, from Zoom.

  1. Getting Started on Windows and Mac or a Chromebook

  2. Zoom Online Manual (web, The Writing Barn)

  3. All About Zoom (recorded webinar, Zoom, 2019)

Setting up a "Meeting"

Video: How do I schedule meetings for my classes? - Zoom Video and Text Tutorials

Video: Host and Co-Host Controls in a Meeting - Zoom Support

Privacy and Security

Securing your Zoom Meetings - pdf, Zoom Support

Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom - Zoom Support Blog, Mar 31, 2020

Security Toolbar Icon for Hosts, Meeting ID No Longer Displayed - Zoom Support Blog, Apr 08, 2020 - NEW!

Zoom Features

Video: Recording the Session - Zoom Support (01:05)

Video: Share your Screen - Zoom Support (00:37)

Article: Mute and Unmute all - Zoom Support

Video: Getting Started with Breakout Rooms - Zoom Support (02:49)

Breakout Rooms

2020-2021: New/Update Resources

Let students CHOOSE their own Breakout Room or move between Rooms! - Now, when the Self-Select Breakout Rooms option is enabled by the host (and when the host and participants are on Zoom 5.3.0 or later).

  • Self-select a Breakout Room (NEW) – A host can create Breakout Rooms and, within their meeting, giving participants the ability to self-select which room they would like to join without needing intervention from the host.


Getting Started with Breakout Rooms - Zoom Support Video (02:49)

Pre-Assigning Participants to Breakout Rooms - Step-by-step guide

Guidance for Students


Closed Captioning - Capture every word said with closed captioning. Zoom integrates with 3rd party closed captioning providers through our Closed Captioning REST API. (Video and Tutorial, Zoom Support)

Keyboard Shortcuts - Accomplish all major workflows with ease using a keyboard. Zoom supports Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation of Zoom features.

Automatic Transcripts - Facilitate your understanding with automatic transcripts. Transcripts are automatically generated and synchronized to make it easy to search and review meetings recordings.

Screen Reader Support - Use Zoom without a screen. We follow the latest accessibility standards to ensure that the product is fully accessible to the latest screen readers.

Tips and Tricks