Maintaining Momentum

"How do I....?"

For Remote and Blended Learning Lessons in Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Cross-Content Literacy Routines, please see our New Visions Curriculum website.

Looking for the "Launching the School Year" page?

Make use of these live class session RECORDINGS from Zoom/Meet? - New!

Brady Interview FINAL.mp4

Learn why (and how!) teacher Lauren Brady uses her recorded sessions to create an EdPuzzle archive of her curriculum for future use. (08:01)

Change the marking period in the GOOGLE CLASSROOM gradebook?

  • A clever, but simple hack to setting up Marking Periods in your gradebook: Video (4:10)

  • Other things to consider:

    • Google Classrooms only allow for 100 topics. Depending on your organization structure you may want to 'archive' 1st semester assignments and topics. Consider adding a new "Semester 1' topic at the bottom of your Classroom to chronologically list previous posts.

    • If you have or expect to have roster changes at the semester/trimester change, consider a NEW Google Classroom. You can duplicate your existing Classroom to maintain your grading settings and all topics and posts or start from scratch. Be sure to include 'Semester 2' in the Classroom title, and remember to rename your original Classroom and add "Semester 1" to help students stay organized.

Keep students ENGAGED?

  • Utilize the NVPS Guide to Making Thinking Visible (Jan 2021) designed to assist an individual teacher or team of teachers to implement strategies that will support making thinking visible and increasing student engagement.

  • Explore these engagement activities from the NVPS Literacy Team:

    • Weird Ice Breakers - A series of getting to know you questions that can be answered in the Chat or used in flash breakout rooms

    • Brain Breaks - Engaging breaks that support better pacing throughout a lesson so kids can breathe and process

  • Create a range of opportunities for students to apply their content knowledge and acquired digital skills. Check existing lessons/projects for a variety of ages and content areas: Google's Applied Digital Skills

Add VARIETY to Online Formative Assessments

  • Checks for Understanding (CFUs) in remote instruction from the NVPS Literacy Team:

  • Student Surveys: Check out this blog post about how to make Google Forms more engaging for student feedback

  • Bloom’s Exit Slips: A series of exit slips (or can be done as assessments during class) that can be adapted for remote


  • NVPS Facilitation Moves Guide (Breakout Rooms section): this section on moving students in and out of breakout rooms contains guidelines focus on the purposes that students should be given for breakout rooms. This list comes from teachers’ recommendations based on what has worked and not worked.

  • Word Hunt Vocabulary Routine - This NVPS Literacy Team blog post presents a teacher video illustrating how to use clues and guessing to talk about new words. Students guess in whole-class, then go to breakout rooms to do more guessing with their teams. Also, learn how this teacher uses popsicle sticks to warm call on students.

  • To keep kids interacting and feeling less isolated, explore this list of resources from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) - How to do SEL at home”

Continue to Support DIVERSE LEARNERS

  • Universal Design for Learning in Online Formats - How to support students with learning and linguistic differences such as students with disabilities, English learners, and developing readers and writers in a virtual teaching and learning environment.

  • Explore our Resources for Diverse Learners page for help planning for Equitable Grading, Online Discussion Skills, and a range of other topics to support every student in each of your classes.