Using Google Classroom 'Questions'

GClassroom - Questions for Digtial Dialogue.mp4

Step-by-Step: Using ‘Questions’ in Google Classroom to create a ‘Digital Dialogue’:

  1. From the ‘Classwork’ page in Google Classroom, click on “Create

2. Select the ‘Question’ option from the drop-down menu

3. Select your question type: Short Answer or Multiple Choice

4. Click the dropdown arrow to select the Google Classrooms with which to share the Question. (You can post to all classes at once if desired)

5. OPTIONAL: Set your Question Grading Category (set up a category just for Discussion Questions!) and point value (if any - you can leave it ungraded if you prefer.)

6. Add your ‘Discussion Question” and Student Instructions (ie. how long should their response be? How many other student responses should they reply to? etc. )

OPTIONAL: Create a simple rubric for students for Discussion Questions)

7. OPTIONAL: Select a Due Date and Time. (Setting a time for completion will work best in a synchronous setting. If students are accessing your Google Classroom asynchronously, considering being more generous/flexible about the Due Date and time.)

8. OPTIONAL: For better organization, consider creating a Topic for Discussion Questions, or adding the Discussion Question to an already created topic.

9. Finally, in order for students to be able to respond to each other, you MUST select the checkbox for “Students can respond to each other.” You can also allow students to edit their answers after they have been posted.

10. Click “Ask” in the upper-right hand corner. (You can also select the arrow to the right to “Save” or “Schedule” this for later)

11. Be sure to actively observe the Discussion Question for inappropriate responses or other “Classroom Management” issues.